On the Third Day of Fazzino

Today’s Featured Gift of the Day
3D, Open-Edition, Broadway Mini Print

On the Third Day of Fazzino, we offer to you…20% off a framed, 3D, open edition Broadway mini print by Charles Fazzino. The perfect gift for your Broadway fan. Each piece measures approximately 7″ x 8″ and comes in a beautiful die-cut gift box. MUST ORDER by December 7th for Christmas delivery.



Regular Price: $175 plus shipping and handling

Today ONLY – 20% Off (while supplies last!)

To Order: Email info@fazzinocollectors.com

Plus, we’re giving one of these baseballs away for FREE. Just post a comment on this blog or on the Fazzino Facebook Fan Page answering our holiday question of the day by midnight tonight and you’ll have the chance to be our randomly selected winner.

Question of the Day: “What is the best holiday gift you have ever received?”



Visit the Charles Fazzino Gift Shop for even more holiday gift ideas and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Day Four Featured Gift of the Day!

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19 responses to “On the Third Day of Fazzino”

  1. michael woods says:

    A 5-piece Pearl Drum Set when I was 10

  2. ivelisse woods says:

    A cruise from my parents for my husband and I to take our second honeymoon

  3. edwin rosado says:

    A nice tool set from the wife

  4. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Though his birthday is 15 days before Christmas my best holiday gift is my son!

    • julie says:

      Congratulations Sharlene Piscitelli! You are the winner of our third Day of Fazzino!! You will be contacted shortly through email.

  5. Alan W says:

    A “yes” from my girlfriend in answer to the question, “Will you marry me?”

  6. Gia Ochsen says:

    A very special necklace my father had custom made for me.

  7. Jess R. says:

    A vacation with my wife in Kauai during Christmas week. Mele Kalikimaka!

  8. Michael Vedder says:

    a luge i have used in the woods and on ice track

  9. Jordan Leef says:

    A sweater my wife made for me

  10. AnneMarie DeRemer says:

    Tammy Doll and case when I was 5!

  11. arthur Amil says:

    3 years ago, the most adorable puppy in the world 🙂

  12. Talex says:

    a diamond ring!

  13. Mary Lynn Hayes says:

    A box of handmade ornaments from my son

  14. Edna Willadsen says:

    A pretty diamond ring

  15. Jeffrey McCabe says:

    The best gift I ever received was my First Fazzino – “It’s 9 to 5”. We had long admired Charles work and stopped in at the Wentworth Gallery in Charlotte and purchased one. To this day we continue to get compliments on it and have expanded our collection to 6 pieces.

  16. Jo H. says:

    The best holiday gift I ever received was grandma’s personal recipe book. It contains many family favorites.

  17. LINDA DOWDY says:

    The best gift I ever received was a bicycle when I was 12!

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