Opening Night at Citi Field

I was at Citi Field last night when the Mets opened up their new stadium. I’ve been working with the Mets to create a piece of artwork to celebrate the milestone, but i had not actually seen the stadium in person before last night. It was INCREDIBLE! There was a level of excitement that you just can’t describe. It was like the building was going to bust open….and people were walking around with cameras…i’ve never seen so many cameras…taking pictures of the walls, the rotunda, even the plaques in the ground! And the food! The wonderful food….they’ve arranged the stadium so that on every level, the smells are incredible. I can’t even tell you what was being served but it wasn’t just hot dogs and peanuts. It’s a cozy building too. You felt like you were at home watching the game in your livingroom…very homey…it was really nice.

I was invited to Jeff Wilpon’s pre-game reception and while there, i had the opportunity to meet Governor David Paterson and Ed Charles, a member of the 1969 World Championship team. The Wilpons have done a fantastic job….i can’t tell you exactly when or with whom yet, but rumor has it that i’ll be there before the end of the month to “unveil” my artwork and sign posters with a very popular former Mets player…that’s just a hint…from me to you! 🙂





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5 responses to “Opening Night at Citi Field”

  1. Jeffrey Spencer, MD says:

    Great job on the artwork – Citifield is beautiful, a real showcase for the Mets !! (Wish the outcome of the game was different) – when is the new Citifield due to be released ??



  2. CFazzino says:

    Thanks Jeff…I am very proud of how the piece came out and working with the Mets has been so much fun! The piece is being released now and you can contact your local gallery for purchasing information!
    Thanks again

  3. stylebizz says:

    ye’ve more pictures…. can i see what u interesting… 😀 …
    i look the Citi Field i do intereting…

  4. phil zimmerman says:

    hi charles it looks great but us fazzino fans know photos don’t show the true beauty of your work!! are they going to showcase the original where the fans can see it! that would e great phil

  5. Melayu Boleh says:

    Great job on the artwork – Citifield is beautiful, a real showcase for the Mets !! (Wish the outcome of the game was different) -Hope to see the new Citifield due to be released in in Malaysia…:)

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