Plexiglass Sculptures…..Again

I originally blogged about these new plexiglass sculptures i was working on back in May. Unfortunately, i was just getting used to blogging and i accidentally deleted that one from the archive…so you can't go back and read it…sorry….I wrote about how i was working with my daughter Heather on one of her AP Art Class projects for school and came up with this cool new idea. I painted some original artwork, in different layers, on sheets of plexiglass and glued them together, leaving space in between. It was a total experiment but i absolutely LOVED the outcome. The problem i had was how to “frame” them so that they could stand alone as a sculpture and keep the dust out….and look…well…”finished.” So, i think i've solved that problem….i've been working on these for months and i'm very proud of them. I don't know when they will be released to the galleries for sale but i think it will be soon. I'd love to know what you think about them. They are all original….hand-painted on plexiglass…with plexiglass frames individually built around them. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Plexiglass Sculptures…..Again”

  1. LeJuan George says:

    Hi Charles,

    Congratulations on completing your new Plexiglass Sculptures. When I first heard you speak about this, I commented and mentioned another. However, knowing that you create the best, draw the best and provide the best, I knew your work would be superb!

    Since this is a new line that’s to be released to galleries, can you give some idea about the pricing?

    Overall, I like the fact of how, clean, crisp and clear the framing is. It’s like having a piece of original art showcased without a frame.

    As I always say, ‘thank you’ for bringing your craft, skills and enormous talent to the world of exquisite art connoisseur’s.

    LeJuan/ Huntsville, AL

  2. Charles says:

    Hi LeJuan –
    Good to hear from you again and really glad you like the new pieces. We haven’t even discussed pricing on them yet. I think they will be somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000 each…..but i’m not sure yet. I’m still evaluating the work and time and investment I’m putting into each piece.

    Thanks for your comment.


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