I haven’t blogged about my daughter’s art collection yet….but i just have to do it now. I’m so proud of her. To make a long story short, she started a new style of painting late last year and launched her own design company called Crook Couture. She wants to be a fashion designer…of course, i encouraged her to paint also…so, she’s created an incredible collection of original paintings, limited edition giclees, and…of course….T-shirts.


We showed her work at Art Expo and it was very well-received. So well, in fact, that Barnes & Noble has picked up her line of puzzles and is planning  a back to school line with her artwork. She was featured in an article in Art World News in the Spring and has showings in galleries all over the world. In fact, when we opened the Poriginal Gallery in Pori, Finland during the Pori Jazz Festival, her work sold before mine!!! I had mixed feelings about THAT ;-).


I’m not sure where she’ll end up with the work, but the progress has been astonishing to me. Here’s an excerpt from here biography:


“Full of balance, and seemingly tribal in feel and origin, Heather Lee’s designs reflect the pathos of much of today’s youth – a fierce, almost primitive need to express emotion combined with a free-flowing and intricate sensitivity.  Contemporary at their core, yet reminiscent of the ancient arts, Heather Lee’s work evokes a strong emotional response, combining the tribal feel of Keith Haring with the simplistic iconic imagery of Romero Britto or Takashi Murakami.”

Take a look at her website and let me know what YOU think. My opinion’s a little biased 😉




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