British artists Rob and Nick Carter have succeeded in merging the worlds of art and technology in a way that would have made even Michelangelo proud. We recently learned about their revolutionary technique in a CoolHunting Blog. Utilizing state of the art digital technology and 3D printing, they have translated Vincent Van Gogh’s famous 1888 painting “Sunflowers” into a true-to-life 3D bronze sculpture. Working with creative visual effects company MPC (“Life of Pi” fame), the artists meticulously interpreted the painting into 3D digital files, incorporating incredible detail while remaining true to the original work. The files, when reproduced using a revolutionary 3D printer,  yielded the mold for one of the most intricate and complex bronze sculptures ever created.

Rob and Nick Carter Transforming Artwork

In bringing the Masters together with new technology, the artists have broken ground on a whole new world, allowing us to re-imagine, reconfigure, and re-interpret some of the most famous works of art ever created, while maintaining their artistic integrity. Their fantastic collection of 3D works titled “Transformation” is currently on display at the Fine Art Society in downtown London.

Vincent Van Gogh's famous 1888 painting "Sunflowers" into a true-to-life 3D bronze sculpture Close up black and white image of the 3D bronze sculpture of Vincent Van Gogh's famous 1888 painting "Sunflowers"


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