Snow in Paris

Our friends from Galerie Artima in Paris sent us pictures of the snow there earlier this week. It's rare for the snow to actually stick there. We were amazed by their reaction since we're from New York and having ICE STORMS here now! 🙂 We thought we'd share the pictures with you….. Julie.

Hello Ann and Julie – We hope you are fine. We had the surprise to discover Paris under the snow yesterday. As this is very unusual, we cannot resist to send you some pictures from the Place des Vosges in his white coat. Have a nice day!

Kind Regards,


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2 responses to “Snow in Paris”

  1. Mike Adubato says:

    contest entry

    Yes indeed, snow has come and stayed around for a while not only in Paris but the south of Belgium where I’m living but being a Jersey boy, this was really nothing in comparison.

    It would be a nice piece of art for Charles to do though – White Paris, with the landmarks covered in snow and little Parisian people bundled up as the taxis slip and slide down the Champs Elysses!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  2. CFazzino says:

    Love that idea…i think i’ll do Paris in the snow next. La Joie De Vie Paris is almost sold out now and i’ll need a new Paris piece soon. Thanks Mike! And yes, Jersey is NOTHING like Paris 🙂


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