A couple of weeks ago, i had the incredible opportunity of travelling to Pittsburgh to meet with Steelers' owners Dan and Art Rooney….I presented them with a personalized artwork celebrating the team's Super Bowl XLIII victory in January. They were gracious and hospitable. It was like being in the presence of NFL royalty! And I took a tour of Heinz Field….what struck me most was the amount of history that has been amassed by this unbelievable sports franchise. Six Super Bowl Championships…more than any other NFL franchise! As I walked through the trophy room and read all of the placards, i realized again, why there is so much overlap between sports fans and my art collectors. Being a fan of a team…any team…professional, amateur, academic…is an immensely emotional experience. It's not just about the moment…about the one game …about the one season. It's about history and the flow of our lives. We measure our own progress…we track where we've been…we build friendships and relationships….based on following our favorite sports teams. I try to capture all of that in my sports art….all in one piece…all in one composition. It's not an easy task. But it's an important one and I enjoy the process…learning about the nuances of each team or event I paint. I'm fascinated by the rituals, the “inside information” and the character of the players, the coaches, and the fans. It's a definite study in culture…..Enjoy!

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