Super Bowl XLIII Pop Art

I wish I could have been glued to my television set this weekend, but I was out of the country. Admittedly, I'm not happy that my New York Giants are not in it anymore. I'm especially sorry for my friend Justin Tuck who I hear played his heart out. He's a true gentleman and an incredible competitor. Something tells me there will be plenty more rings for his fingers before he's done!

I'll be heading to Tampa myself on January 27th and I'm looking forward to taking part in my ninth Super Bowl celebration week. I'll be doing a gallery show at Nuance Galleries, a Cigar signing, appearing at the NFL Experience, and signing at The Taste of the NFL. I've done a new limited edition print, open edition poster, and hand-painted equipment for this Super Bowl. You can read more about my artwork and where I'll be when in Tampa on

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

I'm always interested in Super Bowl predictions…so tell me yours!


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12 responses to “Super Bowl XLIII Pop Art”

  1. Anthony F Magaldi says:

    Contest Entry…
    LOVE the new Super Bowl Piece! Have fun in Tampa! One more week and I will make a “prediction”. Shame about our Dolphins tho…

  2. Shannon Berkstresser says:


    Well…my boys are out of the playoffs as well…I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan….but I simply don’t know who is going to win the super bowl now. All the teams I picked so far have all been eliminated and some of my LEAST favorite teams are still left. At this point…even though it is a long shot…I am picking Baltimore.

    I have entered every contest to get the chance to go to the Super Bowl as it is only about 4 hours from me here in Florida. I would love to be able to visit the signings of Fazzino while he is in town for the Super Bowl…but I would never be able to stand not attending the “BIG EVENT” also.

    Thanks for the contest!!! PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  3. Debbie Sullivan says:

    contest entry….WE also are so upset..GIANTS DIDN’T SHOW UP..WE WANTED SO BAD FOR ELI TO GET BACK-2-BACK WINS..and he could walk free from PEYTON’S SHADOW…it was an UPSET WEEKEND FOR SURE..i guess now my pick will be can you not luv..HINES WARD’S SMILE..and PALAMALOU..that’s all..

  4. Jennifer Gertelman says:

    Contest Entry:
    I’m also so upset with the Giants’ loss Sunday. Justin Tuck and the rest of the Giants were tough but the Eagles played just a littler tougher. Hopefully they will use this time wisely to focus on next year. My prediction for the Superbowl would be Eagles vs. Ravens.

  5. Barry Ringelheim says:

    contest entry

    Poster looks great, I would love to hang it on my wall! Hope this gets me a prize.

  6. Stacey Archip says:

    Contest Entry:

    Last year I was lucky enough to watch the Giants Super Bowl win in Times Square. It was the most exciting place to be. It is too bad there will not be a repeat.
    I am not sure who will win this year but I will be watching!

  7. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Contest Entry–Another great piece from a terrific artist. Even though our favorite team, the Giants, won’t be in the Super Bowl it’ll stil be a great event to watch.

  8. Howard Caras says:

    Contest Entry
    I am still lamenting that the Patriots are not in the playoffs. Saw your recent show in Chestnut Hill Mall and wished I could have purchased your Brady work. It would have gone so well in our yet to be completed sports themed family room. If I could not have the Brady work or the helmet, the poster will still be a wonderful addition.

  9. R. Wölfert says:

    contest entry

    As every of your paintings for the Super Bowl not only the sport itself is shown (including the sky rocketing football) but the surrounding of the city itself. I like the combination of this because someone gets a good introduction into the different places where the events take place. Many of the vibrant colors, some baloons and even a blimp got into the scene. When watching it I think every moment the parts on it start to move. Very nice work as the others before. Keep at it!

  10. vince cardella says:

    Here I am, a New York City guy living in Tampa. I will try and catch up with you at one of your events. Winning the poster would be a great addition to my colloection and a bright spot to the game since my Giants are out of the picture.


  11. ron paluzzi says:

    Contest Entry

    I know you will have a great time in Tampa, also I know you will sell a lot of your pieces thier my daughter and husband being one of your fans also.
    have a great time and good luck

    Ron Paluzzi

  12. Contest Entry says:

    I just pick up a Fazzino Yankee Stadium and Nascar poster at P S 160 school auction. I love all the sports related works that Fazzino produces. Keep up the exciting and different perspectives.

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