The 2009 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

As a National Vice-President of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, i receive a monthly report on both the organization’s activities and current research and development. In this month’s report was a plea from MDA President Jerry Weinberg to spread the word about the upcoming telethon….well, i started doing that last week but i thought i’d post another blog to remind everyone just how special the Muscular Dystrophy Association really is.


It seems like almost everyday i hear about someone else that i know being diagnosed with one of the Muscular Dystrophies. Last month, it was my assistant’s doctor. The MDA has been THE consistent force ….. supporting the families affected by these terrible diseases, and raising funds for research so that someday, they will no longer have to do so. I’ve seen their efforts close-up and have worked with them for more than ten years.


The annual Telethon, hosted as always by the incredible Jerry Lewis, will once again air this Labor Day weekend. The broadcast starts Sunday night at 9pm EST. It’s one of the Association’s primary fundraising sources. I will be up at Mohegan Sun for almost a week leading into the Telethon, selling my collection to benefit MDA and unveiling a piece i’ve done especially for Mohegan Sun. Come see us there but even more importantly, tune in to the Telethon..and make a donation…EVERY dollar helps! Thanks so much!





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3 responses to “The 2009 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon”

  1. Barbara says:

    My sister had cerebral palsy, and not muscular dystrophy. I always felt like I had to watch when Jerry Lewis came on for his telethon. What a wonderful thing to do! Keep it coming!

  2. phil zimmerman says:

    hi charles and everybody. how do you do it all charles your totally amazing! will you be on the telethon? phil

  3. Mitchell Marks says:

    Hi Charles…keep up the good work. MDA is a great organization to work with.

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