The Fazzinos….together at Barnes & Noble

Heather and I will be signing our pop art puzzles together at the Barnes & Noble Store on 86th Street in New York City this Saturday, March 13th. We’ll be autographing puzzles, book marks, journals, and whatever else we can find 🙂 Barnes & Noble has been featuring my line and Heather’s Crook Couture line for more than a year and both have been a great success. We’re proud of the products and proud to be associated with B&N….it’s one of my FAVORITE places to browse. I can get stuck in there for hours at a time!

We’ll be at the 86th Street location. For more details and for info on my other upcoming appearances, you can check out the appearances page on my website.

Come See Us!







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  1. Camille White says:

    The Trails to Tails map is a fantastic idea! I have two adopted Bichon Frise’s and they mean the world to my husband Rick and I! To answer the question why I love animals? What’s not to love? They fill that spot in your heart that I don’t think any human can fill. People who don’t have a love for animals truely don’t understand what unconditional love means. I try and promote adoption all the time – it’s sad when I see all the animals left in the shelters. Thank goodness for the people out there like you who make that difference!

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