On December 21st, American Airlines unveiled the latest 3D airplane sculpture by Charles Fazzino. Here’s the play-by-play of how it was created. Enjoy!

Video Transcript

Title: Charles Fazzino American Airlines Installation The Concept

Charles: My idea is to take the plane and sort of do miniaturized cities all over the plane. Sort of when you look at it from far away it just looks like a massive amount of detail color and little tiny 3D things coming off the fuselage.  But when you get up close, you really can analyze that each one of the areas that I drew on the plane are actually places that American Airlines flies to from New York.

Subtitle: Work in Progress

Charles: I have changed the concept a little bit, it’s been evolving and I have been tweaking it as it has gone along. The cone shape at the bottom, we’ve kind of tweak it and decided to make it a round column rather than the cone shape. It will allow me more flexibility and I think it will turn easier.

Subtitle: The Unveiling

Charles: I guess we should unveil it. Go! Well thank you very much everyone for being here.  I am very honored to be here with American Airlines to unveil my latest 3D sculpture. This is a piece I have been working on now for quite a few months and it has finally come to fruition.  It’s been a challenge but a labor of love.

The bottom of the sculpture takes in all of New York City and I wanted to have it glimmer and shine and then the top of the plane goes into all the areas of where American Airlines flies to.  It was just a wonderful mix of materials and media and it just came out great, especially when you look at it with the lighting, it just makes it fabulous.





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