To My Danish Collectors

Something really cool happened yesterday at the studio. Mr. Ole Lindboe from KUNST magasinet, the largest art magazine in Denmark, came here to interview me for his next issue. What an honor. It all started about 10 years ago when I met gallery owner Jorgen Ostergaard from Ikast, Denmark at ArtExpo, New York. We hit it off immediately and he became a big fan of my contemporary work. He started importing it into his gallery in Ikast and had some success with it. Then he showed the work at Art Copenhagen, an annual art fair in Denmark, and that’s when it really took off. You know what’s the most popular there right now? My hand-painted, original art on football helmets! I think that’s great. Who knew American football art would be a hit in Denmark???? So, to return to my story, Mr. Lindboe requested this interview months ago. He’s been to New York more than 60 times and has seen my work here in the United States. His article will actually appear in the issue of his magazine that comes out two weeks before the next Art Copenhagen in September. Here’s a link to the site of the fair in case you happen to be headed to Denmark!

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2 responses to “To My Danish Collectors”

  1. Wendy Price says:

    How many countries is your work shown in? I actually travel to Denmark a few times a year on business. I don’t know if i’ll be there during the art fair but if i am, i’ll check it out and let you know how it looks!

    Take care,
    Wendy Price

  2. CFazzino says:

    Thanks! I don’t think i will be appearing there in person – Let’s see…how many countries…well, there’s at least 16 that I know of plus several others that I hear about my art being sold in.
    Safe travels to Denmark!

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