Two Special Football 3D Pop Art Editions

Sometimes i create exclusive art editions for some of my dealers. Because these pieces aren’t widely available, many of my collectors aren’t  aware that they exist. I just sent two editions to Steiner Sports Memorabilia, one of the premiere sports memorabilia companies in the marketplace, and i thought you’d want to know about them.

Many of you have requested that i paint the Dallas Cowboys and i finally did it for Steiner Sports! And it’s the new stadium… all its hope and glory! I also finally had the opportunity to paint the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. AU is one of the most storied college teams in sports history and i had a great time painting the campus, the local haunts…and of course, the stadium.

Contact Steiner Sports at or 800-759-SCORE  if you’re interested in either one of these football editions and visit my site to see the rest of the currently available football collection.




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3 responses to “Two Special Football 3D Pop Art Editions”

  1. Richard Silfen says:

    I am interested in the Alabama Crimson Tide piece. It looks like there are multiple editions because they seem to be slightly different, based on the number of championships shown. Some look more like posters than numbered prints. Can you help me understand what Exists and the dimensions, please?


    I have this exact 3d pop art Edition #14 & I was curious of the pricing for this item. It was passed down to me from my great uncle & I’m in love with this piece. Knowing the value would be nice so please let me know if you can give me a ball park range or a exact price on this piece. Thanks so much!

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