Art Lesson Plans

We have long championed Arts Education in our schools and have been blogging about it for years. Now, we’re hoping to take it one step further by sharing some curriculum-based programs with the many teachers and parents out there who are looking for ways to inspire, nurture, and encourage their kids’ creative spirits.

We’ll offer ideas, interviews, and actual lesson plans from some of the best art teachers in the country. Please reach out if you have ideas for us or would like to contribute content or an interview. We’d love to hear from you.

How to Draw a Hand

Drawing a human hand from scratch can be challenging. Rather than drawing your character’s hands in their pockets, follow along we we break down the steps to drawing hands facing up, down, and pointing towards a great illustration! Continue reading

A close up of a Fazzino artwork showing an apple in 3D

A Gallery Walk Questionnaire

Students in the New Rochelle school district are being treated to a lesson in fine art from an internationally renowned pop artist who just happens to live next door.  The MAC Gallery at New Rochelle High School formally opened the … Continue reading

Kids Need More Art – A Puffer-Pitch

The young Michelangelo’s over at Kids Need More Art have had a Wet and Wild couple of weeks!  While Karen and her class of crafty kids were hard at work designing Trolls, for Wild Week, Kim and her school of fish at Pine … Continue reading

Kids Need More Art – The Wild Pitch

The young artists at Kids Need More Art are at again! And this time they are taking old baseballs and turning them into absolute masterpieces! The Wild Pitch In a recent interview with owner and creator, Karen Nobel, we talked about their overall mission, … Continue reading