Fazzino Lends His Talents to the 2016 Prime Pesach Experience

More than 700 people recently converged on The Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, CA for a very special Passover celebration – The Prime Experience. Hosted by the Prime Hospitality Group, the Experience brought together a wonderful group of people to worship, celebrate, and play. Charles Fazzino was one of a group of guest and celebrity speakers brought in for the event. Presenters included former New York Giant Plaxico Burress, Triple Crown jockey Victor Espinoza, famous sports anchor Bruce Beck, and comedian Elon Gold.

Fazzino was on hand for two days, hosting an exclusive art reception and conducting an interactive workshop for the kids. Together with Victor Espinoza, he unveiled his newest work titled “Portrait of a Champion,” a celebration of Espinoza’s Triple Crown ride from 2015. Espinoza even sat in on the workshop and contributed to the art being created. “The Prime Experience was a wonderful, event,” said Fazzino. “It was an intimate affair during which I had the opportunity to work with a great bunch of kids and get to know their parents. We had a lot of fun.”





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  1. Karen Rostoff says:

    I recently saw a fazzino that was all animals in the jungle/forest. There was an elephant I’m sure. I think a lion. (Not sure). A lot of trees. I would like to by it for my grandchilds room. Do you know the name of this piece? Thank you

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