Are you ready for some football!!!????


It’s time…it’s here…we’re ready….are you? I’m heading to Indy tomorrow for all the Super Bowl festivities. Here’s a rundown of where I will be when….


I’ll be spending lots of time at the NFL Experience Memorabilia Show at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium. I’m not sure exactly the times i’ll be there but i will be there for part of each day on Wednesday through Saturday. Look for my exhibit in the memorabilia show located in the sponsor pavillion.


On Friday, I will be leading a Master Interactive Art Workshop at The Huddle in the Super Bowl Village from 12-2. Come work with me. We’ll create a Super Bowl artwork together!


On Saturday night, i’ll be signing posters at the annual Taste of the NFL.


I’ve been watching what’s going on in Indy…and receiving reports from my staff on the ground there and rumor has it that Indianapolis is more excited about hosting a Super Bowl than ANY city EVER. They are going all out and showing their football pride everywhere. It should be an amazing time! Hope to see you around town.



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