New Release: Illusions of NYC on Aluminum

Illusions of NYC is the latest 3D limited edition pop art release from Charles Fazzino and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The artwork is quintessentially Charles Fazzino; a New York cityscape with all of the detail and drama…BUT…printed on a sheet of aluminum.

The black and white version of Charles Fazzino's Illusions of New York aluminum artwork collection

Fazzino’s Aluminum Artwork Collection

“I started experimenting with print on aluminum about a year ago,” said Charles Fazzino. “One of the best parts of silkscreen printing is that you can get metallic colors – gold and silver – that you can’t get with any other kind of process. Now that we’re printing on the metal surface itself, I can get the reflection of the silver throughout the print…not just in spots. It gives my artwork an even more dramatic feel and anything on metal really gives the collector a sense of substance and solidity. I think I’m going to be in this ‘aluminum phase’ for quite awhile. I’m looking forward to creating a whole new collection.”

The colorful version of Charles Fazzino's Illusions of New York aluminum artwork collection

Purchasing Information: Illusions of NYC

Illusions of NYC is available as a black and white or a color print on aluminum. Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery or drop us an email at for purchasing information.



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4 responses to “New Release: Illusions of NYC on Aluminum”

  1. John Medway says:

    I am interested in purchasing a Charles Fazzino:
    ‘Illusions of New York 3D (Aluminum Black & White)’

    Could you give me your best price framed & unframed.
    And cost for shipping to UK

    Regards John.

  2. Harald Kuntz says:

    What’s the price for the colored version ” Illumination of New York?
    Best regards Harald Kuntz

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