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Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye

Nov 18, 2011

When i was in Paris last week, i had the opportunity to visit the Edvard Munch exhibit at the Centre Pompidou. What an amazing exhibit….it was strange though. I saw so many Munch paintings that i had never seen before. …


Super Bowl XLVI Art Unveiling in Indy Was Just Super!

Nov 16, 2011

Last night was the unveiling of my official artwork for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.  Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver Reggie Wayne joined me at the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS), along with ABC Sportscaster Jason Spells, NAMOS Chairman Patrick …


Fazzino Pop Art For the Holidays

Nov 09, 2011

For those of you who are looking for that perfect and meaningful holiday gift, we want you to think FAZZINO 3D pop art! The new release A Star of Light is expected to hit galleries at the end of the …


J…E…T…S…Jets, Jets, Jets…in 3D

Nov 07, 2011

On the heels of the great win by the NY Jets this weekend over the Buffalo Bills (sorry Bills fans), we are proud to announce the release of Charles Fazzino’s latest 3D pop art edition for the NFL – J…E…T…S….Jets, …


Bid on Fazzino’s Doodle for Hunger and Get it Personalized!

Nov 02, 2011

I have participated in the Doodle for Hunger event for more than ten years now. Put together by my friends Joe Sano and Father Francis, the annual event is one of the best attended charity events in New York City …


Leave it to the British to Innovate an Art Opening

Nov 01, 2011

There was an article in Britain’s The Guardian yesterday regarding the opening of a new Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery. While this might not seem to be such big news … there are Da Vinci exhibitions going …


Fazzino Holiday Cards Available in the Gift Shop

Oct 27, 2011

For the first time, Charles Fazzino has released a set of 2012 Holiday Greeting Cards. The set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes sells for $20 + shipping in the Fazzino Gift Shop. Send your loved ones your favorite artist …


Fazzino and Godard Toast the Town Together

Oct 25, 2011

Have you seen the collaborative release by pop artists Charles Fazzino and Michael Godard? Titled “Toast of the Town,” it was painted while the artists were touring together for The Road Show Company a couple of years ago. This piece …