I heard from my friend Ben earlier this week….he gave me permission to post his email because he's talking about a wonderful cause…although it's necessary because of a very sad event that happens to too many people…but we should all be aware of this painful experience. He writes:

I have dealt with something pretty tough in the past as have a lot of people. Almost 5 yrs ago, we had a stillborn baby 10 days before his due date. Many people deal with the loss of a child or baby in the womb through miscarriage, still birth, trauma at birth, complications, accident, etc.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month is in October.

After going through this terrible loss, we started realizing how many people go through something like this, but how few people realize what is going on around them.

So perhaps a piece highlighting and recognizing those lost lil ones?

Not an exciting idea, but worthy.

More info on remembering the babies: The Official Site of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Everyone should take a look and if nothing else, take a moment on October 15th to remember those who have struggled with this loss.


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