I think it only appropriate to end the year with a blog about a 2011 calendar…but it’s NOT just any calendar!


My friend Michael practices photography as a hobby. I’ve known that for awhile. Every now and then he emails me a picture that he’s taken at random and i’m always impressed. Well, last week, he told me that he had published his first art photography calendar. I had no idea how really good he is! So i thought i would share him with you.


In his own words:


I started shooting seriously in 1992 in college. But when i was ten i took my first trip out West and was hooked on the National Parks. After my first trip to Southern Utah in 2002 I fell in love with the South West  and began to seriously shoot landscapes, wildlife and document my love of the Parks. I have visited over 35 of the 58 parks and plan to visit all of them at some point.


Personally, i hope he DOES visit and document all the parks. I’m looking forward to more calendars like this one.


If you’re interested, Michael Posner’s first calendar can be purchased at Lulu.com. I got mine! 🙂



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