Last month, i received a note from alison about my New York Collection:

“Still waiting for Charles to turn out one of his 3D masterpieces of the old New York of somewhere in the nineteenth century. It would feature schooners, sailing ships, horse and buggies, horse cards, the lower East Sdie, Delmonico's, cops in the old NYCity uniforms of the 1800's, etc. There is certainly a place waiting in many homes of your collectors for such a creation.”

Actually, Alison, I have done one piece like this but it was many years ago. It was called “Hester Street” and it was one of my earliest New York street scene paintings. Looking back on it, it reminds me of how my style and technique have evolved. My work used to look much more primitive than it does now. It might be time to revisit this theme in my newer, tighter, more vibrant style….i can see it…push carts….newsboys….maybe even in black and white and sepiatones. Hmmm….Alison, you've given me something to think about. Thanks.



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