My Associate Julie received this note from Helene a few days ago after we helped her obtain the exclusive gift collectors pin that i created for the United States Olympic Committee. That pin is causing quite a stir. I saw one go for more than $600 on ebay recently! Remember, you can get yours by making a $100 donation to the USOC. The details are in the member's lounge.

I had to write and tell you how much I appreciate and thank you for making the effort to find the source for getting the third spectacular pin Charles did for the Beijing Olympics for me and the other Fazzinophiles out there!!! I first found out about this pin when i saw it on e-bay, and almost fell out of my chair! I bid on it, of course, and made my bid high enough (I thought) to discourage anyone else from grabbing it. SO, i thought i was safe with a bid of $22!! How wrong I was. When i woke up the next morning and saw that it went for $512!! I dif fall out of my chair! The next move was to call you guys and find out what this pin was all about and where could we get it? Unfortunately, the answer was that it wasn't available to the general public…I was crestfallen. But not to be dissuaded from my quest, I called you and when you said “I'll call the manufacturer” I just knew, if it was possible, you'd find out. And you not only did, but got me all the information, the name and the address and everything I needed.

The next day, I sent off the letter and the check and today I received my prize! And it's thanks to YOU! I think all my fellow Fazzinofreaks (I just keep coming up with these nicknames for us), owe you a major debt of gratitude and recognition for going that extra mile and for that matter, so does the USOC, because i'm sure that the website will generate a lot of checks to the USOC, not only from us members but probably by word of mouth to lots of other pin collectors and just people who appreciate Charles's work. His NBC pins have always sold out. And after all, that's why the USOC commissioned Charles to do the pin, so they would benefit from teh donations…but how else cna the public find out about the pin?? I don't know why they haven't put the word out. It is at least partly, if not fully, a tax deductible donation.

I have, from the moment I finally met Charles, to this moment of joy, found all the people connected to and who work with him, to be the nicest, most helpful and accessible people I've had the pleasure to know. I didn't mean to get so wordy, but, my cup runneth over! Feel free to edit for length if you'd care to post this on the blog.

Thanks again. Many Hugs,

Helene White

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