Collectors Mailbag – Michael R

I received a letter from my friend Michael who told me his mother made a Fazzino inspired blanket! I think this is fantastic—his mother did a great job! I’m honored!


I hope that you are well.  It has been quite a while since we corresponded but, as you may remember, I am the guy who wrote you the lengthy letter about my interesting 6 month hunt for a copy of Steppin’ Out on Broadway.


Anyway, I want to let you know that my family and friends continue to enjoy your works that I have purchased.  Specifically, I wanted you let you know that my dear mother just completed her Fazzino Steppin’ Out on Broadway inspired blanket for my 2 year old twins girls, Julia and Sara.


When it arrived today, we held it up to the art and one of the girls said, “Fazzino blankie, Fazzino blankie!”  Somewhat bizarre, I know, but true.


God bless you, Charles.  The enjoyment just doesn’t stop.





Fazzino inspired blanket

Fazzino inspired blanket


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3 responses to “Collectors Mailbag – Michael R”

  1. Domenic Caruso says:

    To Fazzino:

    I am looking to purchase two of your older pictures that I have seen at a friends home.

    The 1st is “San Francisco”
    The 2nd is “Pholly by Night”

    Can anyone help me by letting me know where to purchase them and an approximate cost?

    Thak you.

    Domenic Caruso

  2. John Kearns says:

    Thanks for making art fun. I find something new every time I come across one of your amazing 3-D prints.


  3. John Kearns says:

    Sorry Domenic, I replied to the wrong thread.
    I believe there is a link to art dealers on this sight. There are also some listings on ebay (one print is listed at $2900.00).
    Good luck.

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