I received a letter from my friend Michael who told me his mother made a Fazzino inspired blanket! I think this is fantastic—his mother did a great job! I’m honored!


I hope that you are well.  It has been quite a while since we corresponded but, as you may remember, I am the guy who wrote you the lengthy letter about my interesting 6 month hunt for a copy of Steppin’ Out on Broadway.


Anyway, I want to let you know that my family and friends continue to enjoy your works that I have purchased.  Specifically, I wanted you let you know that my dear mother just completed her Fazzino Steppin’ Out on Broadway inspired blanket for my 2 year old twins girls, Julia and Sara.


When it arrived today, we held it up to the art and one of the girls said, “Fazzino blankie, Fazzino blankie!”  Somewhat bizarre, I know, but true.


God bless you, Charles.  The enjoyment just doesn’t stop.





Fazzino inspired blanket

Fazzino inspired blanket



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