We received this overnight from our friend Caroline who visited Charles Fazzino’s 3D pop art exhibit at the Super Bowl XLV NFL Experience at the Dallas Convention Center in downtown Dallas, TX over the weekend. Caroline, we hope you DO make it to New York and you have a WONDERFUL time. It was nice to meet you!!!


At the NFL Experience I saw all this really cool art by Charles Fazzino. I really liked it, and wanted one for my room so badly. The one that I picked out is about Broadway and I’ve always wanted to go to New York. It’s one of my favorite pictures that I’ve seen. I like how it’s hand painted and that he takes so much time on each. Also, I love how he only makes a certain number of each, I like being able to be one of those few that get one! Another amazing thing about the art is that he uses so many bright and beautiful colors and does make art that is not just there but also is 3D and stands out. It’s was fun to be there and get to see all the art that he has made and get to meet Charles’s staff who are nice and helpful. I can’t wait to have Heartaliciously Broadway hanging in my room!




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