Collectors News and Mailbag

Congratulations to the New Featured Collector on our website, Judy Smith! Judy, it was nice to see you recently at the gallery show in DC and I’m so happy to see you as the new collector! I’m looking forward to seeing you again the next time i’m in town. -Charles

Also, after a recent show in New Jersey, i received the following email from Tracy Monteiro


Thank you Mr. Fazzino for putting up with the sounds of my screaming son in the background of your signing yesterday and my 2 daughters hoverineg over you like hawks circling a mouse in the field. You inspired my oldest as she drew apples and the city with worms jumping off the top, all night at the dinner table. She plans to write about you in her fourth grade journal on Monday. Mommy is now not her favorite artist, I come in second. But thats o.k. Your daughter must think you are a king and appreciate all your work as well (great feeling). I was reading your past blogs and am amazed you mentioned Red Grooms. No one knows who I am talking about (people under 40) when I mention what an incredible artist he is. I have admire him since the first time I saw him on Mr. Rogers as a little girl. His work I agree reminds me of yours in many ways however on a different scale. He too is one of my older favorites. I would love to see his exhibit someday! First time really visiting your website, unless I am assigning for a student report. Nice job.

Tracy, you will always be your daughter’s favorite artist!!! My daughter used to think i was a king when she was younger…but like all daddy’s girls, she’s off to other interests now! 🙂 Nice to know another Red Grooms fan … it was nice meeting you and i also look forward to seeing you the next time i’m in Jersey!



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  1. LeJuan George says:

    “Contest Entry”

    Congrats Judy! Your collection is quite nice.

    Charles, somehow, and someway, we are going to have to get you to visit Huntsville, AL or nearby. I am getting jealous of other fans having the opportunity to meet and greet with you. Then to actually personalize their pieces too…Wow, I’ll just keep waiting patiently. Someday dreams will come true. You and your awsome staff keep up the good work!


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