Contest: Win a Signed Fazzino MLB All Star Game poster!

I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the baseball season! Tuesday I started assembling a 3-D All-Star Game piece live at the MLB Fan Cave. I’ve been reading up about baseball history and learning some new things, especially about the seventh inning stretch!  As any baseball fan knows, the seventh inning stretch is a tradition that takes place during the middle of the seventh inning when fans generally stand up and stretch out their arms and legs and sometimes walk around. It’s the fans’ mid-game break.


Did you know that several folks claim to have invented the seventh inning stretch?  One of my staff, Annie, believes that the seventh inning stretch was invented, most likely by Brother Jasper, the Prefect of Discipline and Baseball coach at Manhattan College, during a hot and muggy baseball game in 1882. (She’s a bit biased since she’s a Manhattan grad. and a Jaspers fan.) During the seventh inning stretch teams often play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and post 9/11, most play “God Bless America”, especially at Yankee Stadium and CitiField.


I want to know what is YOUR favorite seventh inning stretch activity? Post your seventh inning stretch comment on this blog by June 30th at 12 p.m, EST. Out of all of you who comment, we’ll pick four (4) winners at random to win one of my All-Star Game posters. And i’ll dedicate and personalize it for you before we send it out.


And, I plan to be down at the MLB Fan Cave again next week, so stay tuned to!








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48 responses to “Contest: Win a Signed Fazzino MLB All Star Game poster!”

  1. Larry Sherman says:

    My 7th inning stretch activities are those that I can do during the time that won’t distract me from the game – get something to drink, check email, take a quick walk and, of course, go to the bathroom. Knowing that this break is coming up helps me enjoy the game more.

  2. My seventh inning tradition growing up was walk around fenway stadium and talk to other fans about the history of baseball and just the smells and the sound of take me out to the ball game a song that everyone knows sings it through out the stadium my uncle and I would get cracker jacks and go around the stadium and talk about red sox history like peskys ball and the green monster and the history between Yankee and Boston . Greatest rivalry in baseball history and talk about how far the red sox came as a team since the era of babe Ruth Jackie Robinson shoe less Joe Jackson and Jackie Robinson after the talk around fenway we would sit back down in our seats and take a ride on our past sport baseball and watch the game unravel in front of us as the night goes on and the lights beam on the diamond and eat cracker jacks and soda in front of us that is my seventh inning stretch hope you enjoy reading this

  3. james weichel says:

    My favorite 7th inning stretch activity is The Cotton Eye Joe at The Ballpark in Arlington (watchin the Texas Rangers!

  4. graham elliott says:

    I hope I win, the contest, big fan of Charles and baseball

  5. graham elliott says:

    I hope I win, the contest, big fan of Charles and baseball. I love getting a beer and,hot dog for the final few innings.

  6. Timmy Mac says:

    Stand up and stretch your legs at the ballpark checking out all the beautiful women. At home, pop a top

  7. Steve Gassman says:

    My fave 7TH INNING STRETCH activity is to find out who is singing the famous baseball folk song at WRIGLEY FIELD every day and either go the game to watch the CUBS and the singer live or watch it on TV. This has been going on since the legendary baseball HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCER HARRY CARAY passed away!! so TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME with a signed CHARLES FAZZINO poster!!!

    I have been a big FAZZINO fan since CHARLES signed a 2003 ALL-STAR poster for me at the FANFEST in CHICAGO!!! I make it a point to go see him every year at WENTWORTH GALLERY in SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS.

  8. Nicole says:

    My favorite 7th inning stretch is making my mom taking me to the potty….

  9. Dayton Cooper says:

    During the seventh inning stretch at a Phillies, the Phillies Phanatic and Phillies organization usually provides entertainment that I usually watch.

  10. Julie Fraitag says:

    My favorite 7th inning stretch activity is a whole bunch of things: Stand up, stretch my arms and legs, look around to see if I know anyone, dance to Cotton Eyed Joe, go to the bathroom, and get a snack.

  11. Lora Macardian says:

    My favorite activity is I can stop distracting my friends and family that are really into the game. Yes I’m a little fiesty and need a break too!!!

  12. Mark Rosenberg says:

    My favorite activity is watching all the people leave and crowd the bathrooms and food areas.

  13. Jim Piscitelli says:

    My favorite seventh inning stretch thing is getting something to eat and drink at Yankee Stadium-go Yankees!

  14. Esther Baxter says:

    My son loves baseball!!! He’s a baseball player (not professional) and I would love to win this for him. Not only is he a major baseball fanatic but he’s also a Charles Fazzino fanatic too.

  15. Trudi LoPreto says:

    I grew up in the Bronx and went to many of the games seeing Mantle, Maris, Yogi and Joe Pepitone. The best part used to be singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. My husband worked in the twin towers but we moved before 9/11. Now my favorite seventh inning stretch is watching Yankee Stadium on cable and singing along with Kate Smith’s, “God Bless America”. I have Disney on Broadway with a pastel that you did you me and my family when we bought it in North Carolina and it has the best wall in the house. I would love to add an All-Star Poster to my collection.

  16. Cindy Laduca says:

    Ever Since I Was Old Enough To Drive Myself To Yankee Stadium When I Was 17, My Seventh Inning Tradition TO THIS DAY Is To Sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game At The Top Of My Lungs While Swinging A Beer In My Other Hand!!! One Of My Friends And I Got Caught Doing This On TV When We Were Under Age By Our Parents! Boy Did We Get It When We Got Home!!! Now Its Tradition Although Yankee Stadium Doesn’t Play It Anymore, Such A Good Memory!!!

  17. Beth Friedman Benjamin says:

    Love standing up, stretching, singing, and feeling embraced by all who share the beauty of baseball and the American Dream. Nothing compares to being under the sun – or under the lights – and enjoying the unity of the crowd – the “stretch” belongs to all!

  18. Joanne Marks says:

    The 7th Inning Stretch at the Met’s Citi Field allows me to literally stand up and stretch, take a walk to bathroom or warm up if cold or get out of sun if hot. It is like a very short recess time where you have some time before the game resumes. Of course you can stand up and sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.
    We have a room in our house with a Sports theme. Love to have my favorite artist represented with a poster in our room.

  19. Anne Baker says:

    My 7th Inning Stretch favorite thing to do is get up and walk straight to the ladies room, then check out and see what everyone else is doing and what they are wearing (favorite team). Go Yankees

  20. Brian Bark says:

    My 7th Inning Stretch favorite thing to watch is when the home Ballclub commences an activity with kids where they circle themselves dizzy around the handle of a baseball bat and then see who can run to first base the quickest. They usually conduct this activity throughout the game but have seen this done during the seventh inning stretch as well.

  21. Hanns-Peter Gruss says:

    I am from Germany. Until today I do not understand the rules of baseball.
    But when I have got the oportunity to watch a game in Florida I enjoyed the
    whole atmosphere. I am a fan of Charles too.

  22. kevin plesnik says:

    Nice rendering

  23. kevin plesnik says:

    Nice rendering!!!!

  24. mitchell says:

    I like to stretch and check out the crowd

  25. Stacey says:

    I like singing “Take me Out to The Ball Game” and watching the other fans. They always show some great fan action on the Jumbotron! I am not sure about the Origin of The 7th inning stretch but I have heard that The Wave, Dot Race and Nachos at a baseball game started with the Texas Rangers!

  26. Sharlene says:

    Some good food during the stretch is always nice but I like to people watch– just look around, chat about the game with family, or look for any celebrities that might be there.

  27. Matt Piscitelli says:

    I usually go to get something to eat and drink during the seventh inning stretch or just walk around the stadium for a bit.

  28. Debbie Huffine says:

    I’m a softee for tradition. If I’m at the game I am standing up with my kids and singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the top of my lungs. I just have to make sure my husband hasn’t decided to get a snack. He has a tendency to attract hands that smack food all over his shirt.

  29. Susan Ladd says:

    Love to win !!!

  30. Teri Hilger says:

    Favorite stretch is to walk around the stadium and hit the concession stand

  31. Don Kitain says:

    Beautiful 3-D

  32. Jax says:

    I love to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” while looking around the ballpark while stretching my arms, legs and torso and breathing in the fresh air!

  33. John Kearns says:

    Thanks for making art fun. I like to take in the sights and sounds of the crowd as they let their guard down for a few moments.

  34. michael woods says:

    That would be getting my glove in the best position to catch the foul 🙂

  35. amanda says:

    sausage races!

  36. Rachel Tarlowe says:

    During the time of the seventh inning stretch I like to take photographs. Not only of my friends & family at the game but of the stadium, fans, the architecture and all the beautiful surroundings that make baseball games so special.

  37. leah cohen says:

    stretching! and bentching!

  38. adam hahn says:

    sweet caroline

  39. Derek Thomas says:

    Last chance for a drink and stretch your legs.

  40. ed says:

    I LOVE THE SEVENTH INNING STRETCH!!!! This is a GREAT question becuase the seventh inning stretch is just one of the traditions that make this game amazing. One of my favorite traditions is to buy a beer for the most enteraining person around me, the person who has made me laugh the most during the game. I travel alot and seeing games around the country has been one of my true pleasures in my life! By the way, big fan!Thanks.

  41. Ellen Carey-Connor says:

    Growing up outside of Boston, I spent most weekends at Fenway Park… The 7th inning stretch was always fun – especially when sitting in the bleachers in right field back in the 1960’s when Tony Conigliaro played right field. I met so many nice people sitting in the bleachers – to this day, I am still friends with them. It was also the best time to run to the girls room!

  42. Erin Cook says:

    When we had our seventh inning stretch, we sang take me out to the ball game, brought a gigantic beer and a hot pretzel and hot dogs and when they did the smooch cam I would plant a nice sloppy wet kiss on my hubby

  43. Buddy Garrett says:

    I’ve never been to a ball game.

  44. susan smoaks says:

    i don’t have a favorite seventh inning stretch activity, but i go get a beer in the seventh inning!

  45. Gianna says:

    Getting some more drinks and snacks.

  46. in baltimore we add “thank god i’m a country boy” by john denver
    i have a lot of difficulty singing about a guy who forgets to fill the fuel tank— no matter how stoned you are—when your planning on being 10000 feet from home—straight up

  47. charles, will you be at fan fest every day in phoenix; we planned for tuesday as the last day and will there be a mini all star game piece this year?

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