Fazzino 3D Pop Art on Cover of New Ebook

Author Sheryll Bellman publishes new ebook titled

“You Might Be A New Yorker If: 264 Ways To Act Like A New Yorker”


Aside from being thoroughly entertaining, this wonderful and very insightful book sheds light onto real, everyday New York City life. While including many of the contradictions, commonalities and practices that connect New Yorkers, Author Sheryll Bellman describes the true heart of New York City and why many New Yorkers refuse to live anywhere else. Charles Fazzino collaborated with artist Allison Rott Goldenstein to create this glass mosaic interpretation of his apple artwork several years ago. It nowadornsthe cover of Sheryll Bellman’s newest work: “You Might Be A New Yorker If: 264 Ways To Act Like A New Yorker”


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One response to “Fazzino 3D Pop Art on Cover of New Ebook”

  1. What a beautiful review! Thank you so much! I am so proud that you allowed me to use your image on my book…We should all be very proud…
    What better image to depict New York than an image by Charles Fazzino…The quintessential New York artist!

    All the very best,

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