Last night we welcomed the 5th and 6th graders from the Greenville and Seely Place Elementary Schools in Edgemont to a private reception in honor of their participation in my Arts in Education Initiative.  After a tour of the studio, the children and their parents got to meet my staff and mingle at my private gallery as we waited in anticipation for the unveiling of the artwork the children and i worked on two and a half weeks ago.  The children had fun and enjoyed learning about my 3D art process. Working as a team, the students did a lot of cutting, gluing and glittering. Their hard work was realized in their finished piece of art which was donated to the Edgemont PTA for auction at the their Spring Fete fundraiser.

I can’t thank the Edgemont School District and parents enough for supporting this initiative and for supporting arts programs in their schools.  It means a lot to me to watch young children getting excited about their innate talent for creating beauty and joy.  With hope, some of these children will grow to be the artists of tomorrow!


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