Charles Fazzino and his daughter Heather have come together to create a new collection of artwork that effectively melds the styles and subject matter of each artist. They will be a feature at this year’s annual New Rochelle Arts Fest which runs from September 25th through the 27th and involves Open Fazzino Studio Tours.

As a follow up to their first piece “Tagging the Big Apple,” Charles and Heather pay homage to Missy the Dog…the latest edition to the Fazzino family. Charles and Heather have very different and unique styles and when they come together, they create something truly special and dynamic. Heather’s graffiti technique adds a wonderful edge to Charles’s 3D pop.

“Junkyard Dog,” a 32″ x 32″ mixed-media canvas unique is the first in the collection to be completed. Missy sits in the foreground of a Charles Fazzino-esque cityscape. The city, however, is not your typically colorful, fun, narrative Fazzino city. It provides a shadowy, almost sinister backdrop to the junk heap of cars in which Missy finds herself. Clearly, Missy is a dog that can take care of herself…but isn’t she adorable?

HFU 001 LR

“Missy Stencil” is a limited edition giclee based on a stylized version of Heather’s original drawing of Missy. “Missy Stencil” is available in a limited edition of 700 signed and numbered prints.

missy stencil-LR



Missy is the subject of a couple of Charles/Heather collaborations and the focus of a series of limited editions by Heather. Through this visceral collection of artwork, you can get to know the BEST English Bulldog in the world. Or you can check out her InstagramĀ feed at @missytheenglishbulldog.


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