As if we needed a reminder about why Charles Fazzino does what he does….he touches so many lives and he gets such joy out of communicating through his art. Well, we received a huge reminder of that recently when we attended the opening of the “Bedazzled” exhibit at the Museum of Arts & Culture in New Rochelle High School. The MAC Gallery is the only state certified museum in New York State and it’s easy to see why. Director Laura Heiss has done an incredible job of bringing in exhibitions that educate and inspire…and “Bedazzled” is no exception.

People viewing Fazzino inspired 3D pop art works at MAC Gallery in New Rochelle

It all started several months ago, when, in conjunction with the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence, we installed more than 30 of Charles Fazzino’s pieces in the gallery and invited students and parents from around the New Rochelle school district to come and visit. The students came in by the busload. They toured the exhibit, met with members of Charles Fazzino’s staff, asked lots of questions, and participated in an interactive hands-on workshop. Then they went back to their classrooms with the task of responding to what they had seen…and boy did they respond! And a few months later….”BEDAZZLED”!


Egyptian tomb artwork at the MAC Gallery


“What an incredible collection of artwork! We are blown away by the level of creativity, innovation, time and effort that these students had put into this collection. The students and their teachers involved in this project should be incredibly proud of themselves. The works are diverse, colorful, thoughtful, and all 3D! We found it amazing how each of the teachers and their respective classes responded in a different way, and yet, all of the works come together to make a statement. Some of the classes concentrated on Fazzino’s emphasis on cityscape artwork, while others tacked popular culture and more wide-reaching subjects. The different interpretations and adaptations of Charles Fazzino’s 3D process were astonishing and we are so proud that all of this was accomplished with just a little bit of guidance and inspiration.”

Below are some samples of the works on display, but if you happen to live in or near New Rochelle, we urge you to make the effort to get over and see the exhibit for yourselves. It’s there until May 8th and it’s truly exceptional. Congratulations to all of the artists who participated and to the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence for making the entire project possible.


Fazzino inspired 3-D Pop Airplane Artwork at the MAC Gallery in New Rochelle

Fazzino inspired 3-D Pop Artwork at the MAC Gallery in New Rochelle

Fazzino inspired cityscape artwork at the MAC Gallery in New Rochelle

Fazzino inspired airplane 3D pop art model at MAC Gallery in New Rochelle

Eiffel Tower pop art piece showcased at Museum of Arts and Culture in New Rochelle


Check out these videos from the show…


See These Works in Person

Here is what you need to know about the “Bedazzled” Art Show:

New Rochelle MAC Art Gallery Flyer featuring Charles Fazzino


Here is what you need to know about the “Bedazzled” Art Show:

Where: Museum of Arts & Culture at New Rochelle High School 

When: April 9th till May 9th, 2018 


We hope to see you all there! 





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