After being comissioned by Stamford Downtown, 3-D Pop-Artist Charles Fazzino has finally released his beautiful and vibrant installation, “Soaring Over Stamford,” onto the streets of Downtown Stamford. The piece is a part of the new, exciting and interactive outdoor sculpture exhibit, Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown. Fazzino’s horse is just one of 40 originally designed and painted fiberglass horse statues that will be exhibited throughout the Stamford area and the Stamford Town Center until the end of the summer. After the duration of the exhibit, the horses will all be auctioned off for charity.

Most would assume that designing and painting the massive, larger than life sculpture would be the most challenging task of participating in Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown, but for Fazzino the most challenging aspect was actually getting the horse in and out of his studio building. It’s huge! After three hours of wrapping and packing it up with the help of 4 men, the horse was put on a truck and driven to Stamford. ” I did sign on to paint this horse but honestly, I had NO idea what i was getting myself into when the horse was delivered to my studio. It’s massive,” said Charles Fazzino. “We almost couldn’t get it through the door. I laughed when I first saw it. But as I worked on it, I started loving it more and more and I’m so proud of the finished product. I just LOVE the horse. I had to go and take pictures of it as soon as they told me it was on the street.”

Earlier this week, the sculpture was finally installed on the streets of Stamford  in front of the Stamford Public Library. Located on the corner of Broad Street. You can view and take pictures with Fazzino’s “Soaring Over Stamford”.

You can join the Horsin’ Around festivities on June 12th at the  Opening Night Celebration, where you can come and celebrate the launch of this amazing project. Tours will be offered, to view each of the 40 sculptures around the downtown area.



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