We are often asked how it is that we manage to ship Charles Fazzino’s artwork all over the world without damaging it. So, we decided to make a brief video to show you how it’s done. The process has been perfected over 30+ years and many of the materials we use are custom cut for our purposes.

Our shipping manager Peter showing how we ship our pieces!

Our shipping manager Peter was kind enough to give us a demo recently. As you can see from the video, every piece of artwork is carefully inspected prior to being packaged for shipping. Each piece is then packed tightly in a plastic bag that is then affixed to a piece of cardboard. Large borders are left around the artwork to prevent damage in case the box is jostled in shipping.

The cardboard is then packed into a custom-sized, double-walled cardboard carton and each layer of artwork is separated by another layer of cardboard. The box is sealed with reinforced shipping tape to secure the contents. And there you have it. We have successfully shipped thousands of Fazzino artworks to locations as far away as Dubai, Japan, and even Tanzania. Our damage rate is less than 1% and we think that’s pretty darn good!


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