I’m Goin’ to Cooperstown!

Today is the last day of the MLB All-Star Game Fanfest….was incredible watching my hometown hero Robinson Cano take the home run derby last night! And i’ve enjoyed Phoenix and meeting all the people i’ve had the chance to meet here.


There’s more baseball in my near future as we head up to Cooperstown for Induction Weekend on July 22, 23. I’ll be at the Hall of Fame on Friday, July 23 from 12-4. They’ve asked me to run an interactive art workshop … so come see me and let’s create some art together. We’ll be working on a piece from the All-Star Game.


On Saturday, July 23rd, i’ll be around the block at Stenhaven Gallery on Chestnut St. From 1-3, i’ll be showing my entire baseball art collection, so come on by and say hello.



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3 responses to “I’m Goin’ to Cooperstown!”

  1. I am so excited to come out to NY for the interactive workshop I am.so.excited i saw you in Atlantic city and I would love to come.to.your workshop in NY. I will see you there

  2. graham elliott says:

    Great job with the core 4. I grew up near Cooperstown, even played at the field there. I now live in Orlando. You will love it there. Will you be selling any of your art from that weekend? Thanks

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