Fazzino Creates with the Clark County Students in Las Vegas

Charles Fazzino hosted a workshop with the Clark County School District’s students in Las Vegas, Nevada, during Super Bowl week on February 12th. During the workshop, Fazzino introduced students to his creative process, and led them in the construction of a unique version of his Super Bowl LVIII: Las Vegas artwork. In addition to assisting Charles with gluing the 3D elements to the artwork, each student put their artistic touch on this piece, drawing beautiful illustrations on small tiles arranged around the artwork and adding their own signatures to the piece.


A big group of students gather around Charles Fazzino who is holding the Super Bowl LVIII artwork they created together full of fireworks, sports, fans, and the Las Vegas cityscape.

Fazzino and the Clark County Students


The Process

The students were first tasked with drawing illustrations on white paper tiles with pencils and markers – their own artistic visions of their hometown of Las Vegas. Inspiration came from landmarks, places visited with family and friends, and natural surroundings. While the students worked on their illustrations, Charles selected small groups of students to assist him with gluing up the central artwork. Gluing the 3D elements requires a steady hand, but these talented students had little trouble getting the job done. The Clark County staff also chipped in their artistic talents and assisted Fazzino and the students. As the art lesson continued, they completed their individual tiles, the students were instructed on adding them in 3D to the white matte around the central artwork. When finished, the matte was placed around the central Super Bowl image and after starting with a blank canvas, the group realized a completely original collaborative artwork in about two hours. Although skeptical at first, the kids were all smiles when they realized what they had created.


Students working together to assemble and glue cutout pieces on a big art print of Super Bowl LVIIIStudents standing over an art print of Super Bowl LVIII along with Fazzino to determine where to glue down the cutout pieces they are holding in their hands

After adding some embellishments with glitter and Swarovski Crystals, Fazzino’s team mounted and framed the finished work on site. The team from the Clark County Schools Engagement Unit transported the piece to the Las Vegas Airport Harry Reid International Airport where it was put on display in the Aviation Museum. Make sure you take a look for it next time you’re passing through.


A man lays down the outside framing full of collages created and assembled by students over the Super Bowl LVIII print


The final Super Bowl LVIII artwork created by Clark County students frames with collages they created and displayed on a easel

“These students have shown so much enthusiasm and artistic skill. I am incredibly impressed with the work they have done, and this city should be proud of them,” Charles said “Sometimes the arts get forgotten in our schools and educational systems. All you have to do is watch a group of students participate in an event like this to know how important they are. I love watching the level of engagement. These kids had no idea what we were going to have them do, but they put themselves out there and created a fabulous piece of artwork. And now their work will be on permanent public display.”


The Clark County Super Bowl LVIII artwork on display at the Aviation Museum of the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport alongside other educational displays

The Clark County Super Bowl LVIII artwork in the Aviation Museum of the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport.


Watch this video to look behind the scenes and hear from students who participated in the workshop.



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