Hello again Pop art enthusiasts! Team Fazzino here, from Iona College giving you an update on the progress we have made exploring the partnership of Charles Fazzino and the world of jewelry. Now that we have spent several crucial weeks exploring the world of art, licensing and jewelry; we have made a decision on the type of jewelry that we believe Fazzino artwork would look superb on. The jewelry type is (drum roll please)… WATCHES!

Designing the Fazzino Watch Concept

Throughout the last few weeks we have spent a large amount of time acquiring an understanding of you, the Fazzino customer, and trying to come up with an idea for a line of jewelry that would appeal to anyone reading this Blog. Through this research we have determined that placing Fazzino artwork on a watch would appeal to a large majority of collectors. Are we right???  Yeah, we know we are. We bet you didn’t know we knew you guys so well.

Anyway, now that we have determined the type of jewelry that we want to see Fazzino artwork on, it is now time to do the best part of this project…design a watch that YOU want to buy. Throughout the next few weeks, we are going to select a watch manufacturer who produces watches suitable to your style. Then we will harness our entire creative prowess and come up with a design prototype that would be most appealing to you. So keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for the Fazzino Watch concept!

Team Fazzino in Action

Team Fazzino in Action


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