Joining with NERDEL to Promote Physical Fitness

Last year, I was commissioned by the President's Council on Physical Fitness to create the official poster for the 2008-2009 President's Challenge. The President's Challenge is a program that's been around for years…it's mostly used in the schools to get the kids moving. I remember when my daughter was in elementary school – how proud she was after she “passed” the Challenge. I even think we still have her certificate in the house somewhere. Anyway, it's a wonderful program and I was proud to be a part of it.

Then along came Nerdel! He's this wonderful animated character created by doctors in Washington, DC who started a company called The Nerdel Company. Nerdel's mission is to promote physical fitness and healthy habits among children and he tries his best to lead by example! This month, i've partnered with The Nerdel Company to launch Nerdel's Fazzino Presiden't Challenge Poster Game for kids all over the country to play. I applaud the Nerdel Company for what they are working to accomplish. I'm a huge fan of healthy eating and physical fitness….i do slip up sometimes, just like Nerdel….but it's important to me. You really do have nothing if you don't have your health and i find that i just feel so much better when i'm workign out regularly and eating right. I'm glad to be part of the campaign to promote that lifestyle in others.

So, let your kids surf the net to and encourage them to play the game…they can win a nifty certificate and its fun.

As my friend Christine always signs off….Yours in Health and Fitness,


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12 responses to “Joining with NERDEL to Promote Physical Fitness”

  1. Marc says:

    Charles,your poster is a terrific portrait of kids and adults enjoying exercise, and is a great promotion of physical fitness. Your support of children’s fitness has set a great example. Nerdel and The Nerdel Company are proud to be an advocate for the President’s Challenge and honored to work with the Fazzino Team.
    Together, The Fazzino Team, Nerdel and The President’s Challenge will help children and adults of the world to make healthy nutrition and fitness choices.
    All the best,
    Marc and Team Nerdel

  2. Ninette says:

    Mr. Fazzino, Congratulations on being a supporter of The President’s Challenge and helping promote physical fitness. Your poster is a great representation of people all over the USA enjoying all forms of exercise.
    Nerdel is truly the new children’s health hero and together you make a great team. After all, it’s all about helping kids.
    Have a great day, The New Nerdel Way!!
    Ninette and Team Nerdel

  3. free pc software says:

    i do think that this is the best way to promote a healthier lifestyle. It educate and this could create a viral aspect in promoting it. I believe every country in the world should try to adopt this approach.

  4. Dr Neil Natkow says:

    Mr Fazzino I think your art is great; and the poster for The President’s Challenge is no exception. There is so much that can be done with better diet and exercise in this country. I love Nerdel and am a big fan of Dr Marc and his team and there devotion to improving the health of our children, Kudos to all

  5. cheap auto parts says:

    It educate and this could create a viral aspect in promoting it. I agree with this.

  6. Albert and Nellie Gharibian says:

    We loved your President’s Challenge poster showing all types of excercise. What better way to get the message across but with teaming up with Nerdel. Bravo!!

    Albert and Nellie

  7. Alessandro says:

    What’s better than putting together some of the best joys of life, art and eating, in a healthy and productive way? I think Nerdel and Mr. Fazzino best embody that pursuit, and are doing such a great job for our children!

  8. Meryl Brandwein, Nutritionist for Team Nerdel says:

    The poster is amazing. Setting an exciting fun example for kids is crucial to creating a lifetime of healthy habits. What a great wonderful and motivating way to appeal to kids!!

  9. William says:

    What an awesome poster! In true Fazzino form and brilliant colors, this is another masterpiece that is destined to become a collector’s item of pop culture. Combining the beautiful art with the President’s Challenge reinforces the important value of exercising and healthy eating in kids. Now that Nerdel has also teamed up with a fun-to-play online game, can’t wait for a special edition poster of Nerdel by C. Fazzino!

  10. Markeith says:

    Nerdel will be the next icon for child health and partnering with Fazzion team we can impact children all around the globe.

  11. Carlos says:

    Mr. Fazzino,
    It’s great to see such beautiful artwork sending a positive message to children. Keep up the good work! Like previous commenter William, I also hope to see a special edition poster of Nerdel!

  12. Comforter Sets says:

    I applaud the Nerdel Company for what they are working to accomplish. I’m a huge fan of healthy eating and physical fitness

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