How to Choose the Luggage for You?

Do you have a favorite city? How great would it be if no matter where you were traveling to, you could take that city with you? Aimez-vous Paris ?  Now you can bring Paris with you when you’re leaving your heart in San Francisco!  You can take London luggage to New York, New York luggage to Paris, and you can take Italy luggage to… why restrict yourself you can take these cities anywhere!   Heys’ Fazzino collection of luggage includes four distinct, colorful, whimsical, unique luggage sets printed with Fazzino’s destination-based art. Each set contains Charles Fazzino’s familiar sense of bright colors and whimsy.

New York LuggageTheme

New York City Theme Charles Fazzino 3D Pop Art Hey's USA Luggage Set

Carnevale Veneziana

The Carnival of Venice or Carnevale Veneziana is known as one of the most popular carnivals in the world.  Now it’s possible to take the famous scene with you in Venice luggage.  The scene is captured perfectly in four different sized suitcases.  Whether traveling internationally, or around the corner this Italy luggage is perfect for any trip!

New York the Wind Beneath Our Wings

“I just want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep… If I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere.”  Those iconic lyrics from Frank Sinatra say everything about the Big Apple you could hope to say.  New York, New York is the perfect city for Heys’ collection to make its Macy’s premiere.   In a city that doesn’t sleep, you can rest assured that your valubles are secure in this New York City luggage.

London Lights

London luggage fitting of the Queen herself is what you’ll find from this collection.  All four pieces feature a beautiful depiction of Big Ben, the changing of the guard and so many other London tourist locations.  Each piece is known for being just as light as Yorkshire pudding.  Whether you’re taking a trip to Westminster Abbey, the Piccadilly Circus, Wembley Stadium or headed to Heathrow Airport for another spectacular destination, this London luggage will be along for the trip.

Paris La Joie De Vie

They say it’s the city of romance, you’re sure to fall in love with this set of Paris luggage.  Paris may be the largest city in France, but this Paris luggage isn’t as heavy as all the rich food you’ll find there.  You can forever remember sizzling Paris no matter where you are, remembering your times touring the Tuileries Garden as well as the Jardin des Plantes.  Of course, your view of the Eiffel tower will not be easily forgotten nor will it have to be when you’re traveling with this Paris luggage.  Paris, Je T’Aime.

Paris, London, New York City and Italy are available to you at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, the Charles Fazzino Online Gift Shop, or wherever fine luggage is sold.  If you can’t decide which city you love the most, I suggest being an international traveler.  Why not take one city in each size?


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