I only discovered the artwork of Lucian Freud relatively recently…a few years ago, my mother and my aunt, who are big fans, attended an exhibition of his works. After they told me about it, i had to find out more. And i found out that Lucian Freud was a genius and a giant in the art world who will be sorely missed. He passed away on July 20th at the age of 88. He’s left behind a revolutionary body of work that will forever define the standard by which all portrait artists will be measured. His work is particularly impressive to me because i am not a portrait artist. I have tried. I know how difficult it is to capture all of the nuances of the human form. Nobody has done it in a more compelling way than Freud did it. So, i pay tribute to a man who succeeded in doing what all artists dream of….making a mark on society…making a cultural and historical statement through his craft….He will certainly live on through his work….forever!


Rest in Peace, Lucian!



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