I bet the title of this post caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, let me explain. My friend published author Anne Kleinberg contacted me a bunch of months ago and asked me if i would consider creating an image for the cover of her first novel. After she told me the premise of the book, and that it was set in Manhattan, i knew it was perfect. I sent her an image and she used it and it looks GREAT. The book published last month. I do have a confession though….i haven’ t actually read the book yet. Apparently it’s a bit of a “chick book” so i passed it along to my assistant, Julie, to review…and she LOVED it!


Oh i forgot to mention that Anne lives in Israel. She’s actually coming to NY this week to attend the NY Book Expo and on May 22nd, The Huntington Arts Council is hosting a NY book launch party for Menopause in Manhattan. If you’re interested in attending or want more details about that, you can email debarts265@aol.com.


If you can’t attend the launch, there are several other ways you can purchase this book, which Julie calls “a GREAT summer beach read.” It’s available on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble Online.  Or you can get a copy personally signed and dedicated by me (like the one below) from our gift shop online.


Congratulations, Anne, on a job well-done! And thank you for including me in this project. It’s been LOTS of fun!






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