My Friend Norman Small

I got an email from Norman Small yesterday. He titled it “How it all Happened”

Ok, so I'm going to New York to see my umpteenth Broadway show in the early 90's.
Taking the obligatory stroll in Times Square and pass this art store with this
HUGE piece celebrating Broadway theatre.You mean an artist loves Broadway as much as I do?

Staring now. What is this? Who is this?
Losing my breath over this and I'm not even in a theatre.

There's more in the window. In the store. On the walls.
Never heard of this guy. Didn't matter. Fell in love.
Bought one. Got my breath back.

There are now three more hannging on my walls now,
but I still lose my breath when I look in that window.

I was very taken with Norman's email. I grew up in a suburb of New York City and one of the most exciting things was getting on the train to NYC to see a Broadway show. I have been painting Broadway for more than 25 years….and I still can't get enough of it. I look at the whole collection now…it's sort of a history of what Broadway has looked like over that time. I actually had a chance to put the whole collection together for the first time….for a one-night exhibition at the Minskoff Theater hosted by Audience Rewards. It was very cool to see all of the pieces together in one place. I hope that my art gives you the chance to take a little piece of Broadway home with you.

Thank you Norman for your very thoughtful email. Your sentiments are exactly why I do what I do.

You can check out what my friends at Audience Rewards are doing by visiting their website at I also created an exclusive Broadway mini print for them.


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2 responses to “My Friend Norman Small”

  1. CBaehr says:

    Dear Charles,
    this is exactly what I mean:
    It is your special view to the themes of your pieces. If I see your artwork it is as I see Broadway throu your eyes with your interpretation. You make me feel the character, the life and the soul of Broadway !!

    There is EVERY DAY a little (great) piece of Broadway at my home!! I CAN FEEL IT !!


  2. LeJuan George says:

    Hi Charles,

    Great read abour Normans email. I can absolutely echo him…only thing is, I was in New York City for the first time in my life and discovered your work. Not an hour into visiting NYC, I “literally had to be ‘pulled’ out” of some store on Broadway because of seeing your work for the first time. At that moment, that’s when my journey started with your awsome and exhilarating pieces.

    Charles, you REALLY can touch and move the world in such a beautiful and inspiring way!

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