How about a nice evening filled with paints, canvases, smocks, friends, laughter, wine, and tapas. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it’s the newest social craze and we think it’s just marvelous. Our Sales Director Fran Kessler experienced it first hand at Muse Paint Bar in Norwalk, Ct. “What a fantastic experience,” commented Kessler. “I went with a group of friends and we had a great time. When you arrive, there is an easel already set up with your name on it and all of the supplies you need. There were about 40-50 people there so the place was hopping. Everyone works on the same image and you know going in what you’re going to paint. First things first… we ordered tapas and a glass of wine… then we picked up our paint brushes and got to work. The instructor in the front of the room guided us step-by-step and each one of us walked out with our own masterpiece.  It was so much fun!”

We wanted to find out more about this phenomenon so we Googled “Paint Bars.” Several came up, but the one that struck us the most was called Paint Nite. Paint Nite is an organization that partners with venues all over the world to throw painting parties and events. When we say all over the world, we mean ALL OVER THE WORLD. You can sign up and attend a Paint Nite almost anywhere, including throughout the US and Canada, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and the UK! We had no idea this was such a trend.

Paint Nite refers to their events as “creative drinking,” but there is no doubt that the focus is on the art. We love the fact that there are so many people out there who want to feed their artistic souls. Muse Paint Bar, in fact, even runs private events and kids events. What a fantastic outlet for kids.

So, as you can see, we are a fan of paint parties. Consider attending one… or throw your own!


A group of people gather to show off their artwork created at a Paint Party

Fran Kessler artwork from a Paint Party depicting two chairs surrounded by trees as the sunsets in the background



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