Pelham Middle School Takes Fazzino Studio Tour

A few weeks ago, we welcomed Rebecca Schwartz and her 8th Grade Studio Art Class from Pelham Middle School for a tour. It’s not something we get to do very often, but when we do, it is always rewarding. The kids had the opportunity to tour the studio, see Charles Fazzino’s private collection, and learn about the complicated process of making his highly-detailed art.¬† They also received some insight into what it takes to become a professional artist, as well as some inspiration about the different directions they can take. “The kids were awesome,” said Fazzino. “I couldn’t believe their passion for the arts. It was refreshing to see. I use any opportunity I can to advocate for arts education in our schools and these kids made a stronger argument for it than I ever could. The skills they are learning and the creativity they are nourishing in school and out is going to serve them well in life. I encourage them to stick with it, no matter what they choose for a career. It’s so important to exercise that creative spirit.”

The kids took what they learned back to the classroom and created an ambitious “thank you” card for Fazzino and his staff. “They showed real talent,” said Fazzino. “I was really impressed and very touched. Great kids. I wish them well.”


CharlesHolding LR

8th grade art LR

8th Grade Art Detail LR


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