I’m not really a huge fan of minimalistic artwork. I don’t “get it” most of the time. But when my friend Steve Carrasco from Disney emailed me pictures of the Prada boutique sculpture he visited in the middle of nowhere in Marfa, Texas, i just HAD to share it. I think it’s amazing. They planted this completely biodegradeable, completely stocked, unmanned Prada store by Highway 90 and there is┬áNOTHING else there. People pass by and do an immediate double take. There are literally thousands of comments all over the internet about people’s reactions to it. What a fantastic social commentary on consumerism and our capitalist culture … even in the middle of the desert, we MUST have our Prada. This is pop art at its best….turning our pop culture icons into artwork. It makes us think about ourselves and the context in which we live.

The sculpture was the brainchild of German artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset and was installed in 2005. It is made out of adobe and eventually, will slowly erode back into the earth from which it was created. Brilliant! Let me know if you ever have a chance to get out to see it in person.

Thanks Steve!


Steve Prada

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