Does quarantine life have you missing art? You’re not alone! People all over the world are missing their favorite galleries, museum exhibitions, art classes and studios because of coronavirus restrictions. You can only watch so much on Netflix before you start to get bored. Just viewing and creating art has it’s benefits; many believe art can help you cope with quarantine, and we’re totally on board! So to get your creative juices flowing, we put together a list of our favorite quarantine art trends. Try some at home or just follow along for inspiration!

#1 Recreating Famous Art

Examples of the #GettyMuseumChallenge where people imitate famous pieces of art!

Like many other cultural hotspots, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles is currently closed due to the coronavirus. To get people through this difficult time, the Getty created a fun challenge that’s sure to inspire anyone stuck at home. The #GettyMuseumChallenge asks people to “recreate a work of art with objects (and people)” from the comfort of their own homes. The response couldn’t have been better. Check out the hashtags trending for this challenge on Twitter or Instagram, to see more amazing recreations: #gettymuseumchallenge #gettychallenge #museumchallenge #betweenartandquarantine and #tussenkunstenquarataine.

#2 Fan Art Challenge

The #sixfanchallenge is where artists ask their followers to challenge them to draw six characters and then they share across social, typically challenging others to do the same next by sharing the blank template. This challenge is a great way to push past what you’re comfortable with and draw something you typically wouldn’t! Give it a try and tag your friends to do the same. Follow some of these hashtags trending on Twitter and Instagram to get inspired: #sixfanarts #sixfanartschallenge #6fanarts #sixfanarts2020 #6characters #6fanartchallenge #sixcharacterschallenge.

#3 The Tie-Dye Craze 

Examples of a recent art trend #TieDyeFashion

People have become so obsessed with tie-dying their clothes that it is now the hottest quarantine pastime and fashion trend. This colorful activity is the ultimate social distancing boredom cure thanks to many content creators who’ve tie-dyed all of their comfy quarantine loungewear and shared tutorials with their followers. Try refreshing your wardrobe by tie-dying an old white tee, a stained piece of clothing or a black tee with bleach; the design options are endless! Some hashtags to follow for ideas: #tiedyeart #tiedyeartist #tiedyefashion #tieanddye #tiedyeclothing

More Art Trend Hashtags

Be sure to share your quarantine art creations using the following hashtags:







Check out Fazzino’s Art Lessons, Fazzino’s Painting Wine Glass Art Challenge, and Fazzino’s Art Coloring Doodles for other ideas to keep you creative at home. Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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