Spring is right around the corner….and once that hits…the kids begin looking longingly towards summer. So, of course, the age-old question of summer camp comes into play. Do we send the kids? Do we not send the kids? What kind of camp do we send the kids to? Most people think of summer camp as cabins and swimming in the lake…canoeing, playing sports…and of course there’s always the chance of a little summer romance. Today, however, there are so many different kinds of camps out there and for those of you whose kids prefer exploring their artistic sides, why don’t you consider sending them to an art camp?

We have and continue to promote the value of arts education and most of our attention has been paid to school. But really….camp is just as good, if not better an opportunity to foster the creative talents of our youth. What a great opportunity to let our kids loose, foster their imaginations, and just watch them bloom. Art camps are more prevalent today than ever and you can find both sleep away and day camps that specialize in the arts. Some specialize in particular types of art, while others give your children broader exposure to visual arts, dance, theater, music, creative writing…and even the art of the circus.

Camp is as much about social development and personal growth as it is about keeping kids busy and out of their parent’s way! The arts teach kids to be inventive and original. They teach kids how to think and problem-solve….all crucial skills they will need to succeed as adults…and BONUS…they’re FUN TOO!

Here are some of the more interesting art camps we’ve found out there. I’m sure with a little digging, you can find some amazing ones in your neighborhood too!

Long Lake Summer Camp offers 16 studios and 25 artist-in-residence teachers to work with campers on almost any kind of art imaginable…including painting, drawing, environmental arts, jewelry design, print-making, and even textile design and puppetry.

Interlochen Arts Camp offers art programs for kids in grades 3-12 in creative writing, visual arts, motion picture making, and more.

Buck’s Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp is steeped in the principles of Montessori and gives kids access to professional-level arts facilities where children can learn glassblowing, metalsmithing, woodworking, sculpture, sewing, batik, weaving, printmaking, performing arts and more.


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