Super Bowl 3D Wednesday

Another whirlwind day in Indy….started the morning with a before-sunrise appearance on WRTV – 6. Welcomed by hosts Chris Pisano and Grace Trahan and did a great spot with them with Lucas Oil Stadium looming in the darkness behind us. It was EARLY…but we had a great time and everyone was in good spirits. Then it was on to the NFL Experience….signed lots of posters and mini prints and met a lot of people…some of whom knew my work and many of whom were seeing it for the first time. I love that.


Tomorrow, there’s more television and another stint at the NFL Experience. Will post more pics tomorrow. Have a good night everybody!




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  1. Dave says:

    Hello and welcome to Indy! Do you have a schedule of when and where you will be signing posters? Thanks and have a great week.

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