I have worked with a lot of talented artists over the years…one of the most talented is Kathy Benton. She's worked with me for so many years now that i've lost count. She's come up with a really unique way to market her own work by launching a new website, http://www.youcanhireanartist.com/. While the focus is on her incredible talent as a designer and painter, the site also promotes her special ability to convey so many different types of ideas for her clients through her artwork. She's very adaptive and very creative and has a special knack for listening to her clients and interpreting what they have to say through her artwork. She can work in almost any medium you can think of and creates custom-made signs, cards, paintings, and more. If you need something custom-made, give Kathy a call. You'll be happy you did. She's fantastic! Read more about her on prlog.com.


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