NYC Is the Apple of the World

dimensions: 13" x 14.5"

medium: 3D limited edition silkscreen on paper

The best of Charles Fazzino … all in one piece. “I love to paint cities … cities from all over the world. But it’s an amazing phenomenon. No matter where I go, a gallery could have 100 different works on their walls, but the pieces that sell the best…what most people want…from Japan to Germany to Switzerland, France…and of course the United States…is New York City. It truly IS the Center of the World and I love to paint it. It’s my home. This piece puts NY in the middle of the world, but also celebrates the vastness and the diversity of the globe. There are so many wonderful and amazing places on earth and I’ve started drawing images that encompass more than one of them at a time….New York may be the center, but it’s the whole world that we have to look at and hopefully this piece conveys that.”


Edition Size: 125DX/125AP

Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino is one of the most popular and highly-collected pop artists of all time. During his more-than-thirty years as a pop artist, he has inserted his unique, detailed, vibrant, and three-dimensional style of artwork into the veryfabric of popular culture.

Fazzino’s artworks are exhibited in more than twenty countries and hundreds of fine pop art galleries. He has received many private and important commissions and has been selected as the official artist for festivals and and events all over the world.

Charles is often referred to as a pop culture historian because of the breadth of his work and the way it touches his collectors and captures the best parts of their contemporary lives. His legacy will mark him as part of the next generation of famous pop art artists as he follows the paths originally forged by pop art pioneers like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Red Grooms.

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