Monthly Archives: April 2009

I LOVE My New Dioramas

I can’t believe how the new diorama sculptures i’m working on are coming out. They’re like my new little babies….i’m just so excited about them. I did the first one as an experiment for Art Expo and have been working … Continue reading

Opening Night at Citi Field

I was at Citi Field last night when the Mets opened up their new stadium. I’ve been working with the Mets to create a piece of artwork to celebrate the milestone, but i had not actually seen the stadium in … Continue reading

Ellis Island Medal of Honor

I am incredibly honored to be able to tell you that i have been selected to receive, along with several others, the 2009 Ellis Island Medal of Honor. The Award is meant to celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation, … Continue reading

Collectors Mail Bag – a GREAT cause

I heard from my friend Ben earlier this week….he gave me permission to post his email because he's talking about a wonderful cause…although it's necessary because of a very sad event that happens to too many people…but we should all … Continue reading

Art Babble

The Indianapolis Art Museum launched a fantastic new website this week… Art Babble … It’s like YouTube but for the Arts. It was profiled in the New York Times and is meant to become an interactive portal to the arts, … Continue reading