All-Star Game Poster Giveaway Contest

Charles Fazzino just returned from St. Louis where he unveiled his latest creation for the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. You can read about his experience in the blog entry before this one. We’d like to giveaway Six (6) of Charles’s signed All-Star Game posters. All you have to do is post a comment to this Blog telling us who you would like to see on this year’s All-Star Team by Noon (12:00 EST) on June 29th.  We will pick six lucky winners at random. Good luck!



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39 responses to “All-Star Game Poster Giveaway Contest”

  1. Jess Rosenberg says:

    Derek Jeter should definitely be playing in St. Louis – he is one of the last true baseball “stars”. Derek has been loyal to his original team throughout his entire career. And he is a true hero for both his clutch playing (i.e. “Mr. November”) and impeccable behavior both on and off the field

    Derek is both a fan favorite, and fan friendly – no attitude problems with this superstar. And the man never cheated his fans or his game – Derek is both drug-free and one of the hardest working athletes in his sport

    Derek is a reminder of what baseball once was and could be once again.

  2. Matt Piscitelli says:

    I would most want to see Derek Jeter In the All Star game. Though I am a huge Yankees fan, I think that Jeter is a symbol of what EVERY player should strive to be like. He is hard-working, considerate, and dedicated–a real role model. These qualities carry over outside of the game of baseball in his charity work and his conduct in everyday life. He is a great player, but more importantly a great man with a big heart.

  3. John Zukowski says:

    I think it would be fun to see Billy Crystal play in the All Star game. Sure, he struck out in his only at bat during spring training and then was released, but he’d at least help make the game more entertaining.

  4. Ben Hudson says:

    Zack Greinke of the KC Royals.
    I am sure he will bail just like everyone else if he gets too good 🙂 but it is always good to see players from lower caliber teams on the All-Star teams.
    He has some great stats too.


  5. David Fenster says:

    I think that Mark Texeira is the player who has really made a difference for the Yanks this season: in the clubhouse, in the field and at bat. He’s got my vote.

  6. cindy laduca says:

    I know he is past All-Star days, I would truly love to see Cal Ripken Jr. Play in another all-star game. Talk about Mr.Baseball, Mr. Oriole, he is A TRUE all star. on and off the field. a class act and real gentleman. would never turn anyone down for an autograph. He saved baseball after that horrible strike. AND MOST OF ALL HE DID IT WITHOUT any steriods or any enhancing drugs. He will always be an all star

  7. Joe Rao says:

    The Player I would like to see is Mariano Rivera. Mariano continues to be the best closer in baseball, even after being the Yankees closer now for 13 years. He is still just as effective. I live in Phoenix now and miss the thrill of Mariano coming out of the bullpen with Enter Sandman playing. You know when you heard that song that you were going home happy.

  8. John Stankus says:

    I would like to see one of my and many people Al Kaline………..One of the best players in the sport of baseball both on and off the feild…….Thanks

  9. Howard Caras says:

    I would like to see Dustin Pedroia. He is one of the most exciting young players out there at his position. Last year’s Silver Slugger and MVP and he still puts an all out effort on the field with great range and control.

  10. Carmen Velez says:

    Michael Bourn has been fantastic this year, especially by comparison to his numbers from last year. Here is a quote from Brian McTaggart – “…Bourn’s presence at the top of the Astros’ batting order has been invaluable. Through 67 games, he’s hitting .300 with a .378 on-base percentage, 41 runs scored, five triples, 19 RBIs and a National League-leading 24 stolen bases. His seven bunt base hits rank near the top in all of baseball.”

    He is lightning fast, and a very nice young man. He is an up-and-coming role model, in my opinion. Go Astros!

  11. G Alpert says:

    Albert Pujols deserves to be in the All-star game and what a bonus to play before his home crowd would be great. He is a first ballot hall of famer. Pujols should light it up that night.

  12. Jeffrey McCabe says:

    I would most like to see TEX – Mark Texeira. He symbolizes what old time baseball is all about – he reminds me soo much of Tino Martinez. He is clean cut, not drugs, not singles life – focused on his job and family. He will return the World Series to NY as a Yankee.

  13. Robert Feldman says:

    David Wright has carried the Mets for the season while his colleagues have succumbed one by one to injury – Delgado, Reyes and now Beltran have been lost to the team missing significant playing time. David has maintained his league leading average without having other batters around him in the batting order to protect him.

  14. Charles Hyman says:

    Derek Jeter would be on my list. But the Billy Crystal idea has merit!
    Would love the Poster… thanks!

  15. Barry Raines says:

    Without a doubt, the best player in baseball is Albert Pujols. 4 for 4 with the bases loaaded with 3 grand slams. I still don’t understand why anyone pitches to him with men in scoring position. Even if the bases were loaded I would walk him, thus walking in a run. Its better then 4 runs scoring.

  16. Shirley McHugh says:

    Mark Teixeira deserves a place on the All Star team. He’s a great homerun hitter who’s a great asset to the Yankees.

  17. AMY BECKER says:


  18. Scott Schiller says:

    Luke Scott, Orioles DH

  19. Scott Schiller says:

    Adam Jones, Orioles Outfielder

  20. Stacey Archip says:

    Ian Kinsler has my vote for the all star game. Not only is he a power hitter but he has already hit for the cycle this year. He really brings the Texas Rangers together as a team!

  21. Scott Schiller says:

    I would like to second the Billy Crystal suggestion. Great idea!

  22. George Davis says:

    I would have to say Derek Jeter deserves the nod to be in the All-Star Game. He is a great representative for not only the Yankees, but also for Major League Baseball, both on and off the field. A true class act, I hope to see him there!

  23. nbillig says:

    Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinal First Baseman, the greatest hitter in the Big Leagues today!

  24. S A M M Y S O S A ! ! ! ! !

    ’nuff said.

  25. Jennifer Huang says:


  26. kristen Weichel says:

    I would love to see Josh Hamilton on the All -Star Team….What a wonderful come back story to match up with his loads of talent!

  27. james weichel says:

    Ian Kinsler….Great young player with a great attitude.

  28. Scott Schiller says:

    How about… Charles Fazzino playing in the all-star game?! Think about the great artwork he could do showing a 95 MPH fastball coming towards him while he is at the plate, or a Jeter pop fly coming to him in CF. Instead of a sports-oriented painting being created from the fan’s perspective, he could create one from the player’s perspective, and how they perceive the ballparks, fans, and action in the game.

  29. Lisa Lane says:

    I think Red Sox slugger David Ortiz since he just reached one milestone putting him over the 1,000-RBI mark for his career. His is also close to another milestone with career homer No. 296 for Big Papi leaving him close to the 300 mark! All-Star Team for David Ortiz!!!!!!!!

  30. Lisa Lane says:

    Big Papi!!!!!! Red Sox slugger David Ortiz reached one milestone he is over the 1,000-RBI mark for his career. It was also career homer No. 296 for Big Papi, leaving him four shy of another career mark!!!!! Go Big Papi!!!!!

  31. Lawrence Yizar says:

    I would like to see the First Baseman for the Cincinnati Reds Joey Votto on the NL All Star Roster.
    He has some physical problems midway thru this first half but before that he was tearing the cover off the ball!!

  32. FauxClaud says:

    What a lovely blog.. I heart art!

  33. qualityhospital says:

    I say Johan Santana and Chris Carpenter.

  34. nanuckol says:

    I’m so glad to see another Astro fan put in their two cents. I would love to see Lance Berkman, 1st base, Houston Astros in the All Star Game this year. I love M. Bourn too, I think we love all our Astros win or loose.
    note: Thank you very much for the Texas Flag I saw in the book from Cooperstown. GO ASTROS

  35. chi says:

    Ian Kinsler & Carlos Beltran

  36. tgfp123 says:

    Jorge Cantu Florida Marlins! First Base. Hey I am a Fazzino too. T. Fazzino 🙂

  37. jptelli says:

    Derek Jeter for sure! Great player and a nice guy.

  38. admin says:

    I just saw Scott’s comment that I SHOULD PLAY IN THE ALL STAR GAME…now, i love baseball as much as the next person..but as i’ve always said: “Those who can’t play…PAINT!” 🙂

    –Charles Fazzino

  39. chrystel says:

    i don’t know anybody who should be in the all-star team. but i am 30 years old since yesterday and my boy friend bought me “a splash of soho” ! i am very happy. maybe i could also win a signed poster !

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